AI Data Labeling & Model Building Platform

What is Labelbox
Labelbox is the data-centric AI platform for data labeling and model development. It can simplify your work process, from organizing and enriching data to building and evaluating models. Labelbox's intuitive tools allow you to label diverse data types, such as images, videos, and text, with help from AI technology, making the process faster and more efficient.

Labelbox collaborates with smooth coordination of internal or external labeling teams in one place helping you collaborate and manage the project. Make your workflows more flexible to fit your team’s needs. Ensures the tasks are routed to the right people at the right time. Labelbox’s automation features, including pre-trained models, help you to automate the labeling tasks and save valuable time and resources.

Technical Highlights:

  • Smart Labeling Tools: Use advanced technology to label data quickly and accurately.

  • Integrations: Integrates completely with the most commonly used data storage and management solutions.

  • Cloud-based Platform: Labelbox is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and helps in remote collaboration.

  • Performance Insights: Gives performance insight tips to make your labeling process more efficient.

  • Scalability: Scalability to handle large datasets, dynamic user groups, and expanding teams.

  • Security: SOC 2 certified with cutting-edge security measures to safeguard the integrity of your data.
  • AI-powered Labeling Tools: Easily enforce quality data labeling with active learning and automated solution suggestions.

  • Collaborative Labeling Environment: Work effectively with internal and external labeling teams and assign tasks easily.

  • Detailed Analytics and Insights: Track progress, identify bottlenecks, and improve your labeling productivity.

  • Customizable Workflows: Architect flows of work that follow the structure of the team and fit into the project.

  • Pre-built Integrations: Integrate labelbox with your existing data management and data storage for a smooth workflow.
  • Increased Efficiency: Mark data quickly and get useful insights to optimize your workflow.

  • Improved Accuracy: Implement AI assistance and quality assurance measures for data labeling.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Manage and coordinate with internal and external labeling teams effectively.

  • Reduced Costs: Time and resources are saved using automation and simplified workflows.

  • Faster Time-to-Market: Speed up AI model building and deployment due to data labeling and management effectiveness.

  • Free: 500 Labelbox units per month for free. For individuals learning about datasets.

  • Starter: $0.10 per Labelbox unit. Perfect for teams making their first intelligent app.

  • Enterprise: A Data-centric AI platform for teams building multiple intelligent apps. 
You can contact the sales team for customized features and pricing details.

The Free tier is limited to 500 Labelbox units per month. 

Has Free Trial (500 Labelbox units per month)

Starts from : $0.10 per Labelbox unit

The latest revision of this document was made on 18 April, 2024.