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Hugging Face

Supercharge your Machine Learning Workflow

What is Hugging Face
Hugging Face is an all-in-one place for every machine learning process. It's an online community where data scientists and AI enthusiasts can collaborate, generate and share ideas, and discover new trends. You can explore and use pre-trained models in activities like text analysis or image recognition, collaborate with other scientists on projects, and showcase your creations to develop a good reputation in the field. Hugging Face provides powerful computing resources that can be used in complex machine-learning projects.

Technical Description:

  • Model Hub: Utilize and handle a wide range of open-source machine-learning models.

  • Datasets: Use a variety of datasets for training and fine-tuning your machine-learning models.

  • Training & Inference Tools: Extract transformers, diffusers, and other tools to build, train, and deploy your models of machine learning.

  • Collaboration Platform: Collaborate with others in different projects, share models and datasets, and interact with ideas.

  • Community Support: Use forums, discussions, and other resources for solving problems or other possibilities and connect with AI enthusiasts.
  • Open-source Machine Learning Models: Use the pre-trained models for different operations and tasks.

  • Hassle-free Model Deployment: Deploy your models in production easily with tools like Transformers.js.

  • Community-driven Environment: Get familiar with fellow data scientists and AI specialists to learn and collaborate with them.

  • Scalable Infrastructure: Use high-performance computing facilities for machine learning projects (paid service).

  • Enterprise Solutions: Have access to custom support and the services designed to meet your business-specific requirements (paid service).
  • Rich Collection of Machine Learning Models: Use the pre-trained models for different tasks, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Simple and Efficient Model Deployment: Easily run your models in production with minimum effort.

  • Collaborative Community: Learn, share, grow, and collaborate with the AI enthusiasts community.

  • Scalable Infrastructure: Train and run large-scale machine learning models with ease.

  • Enterprise-grade Solutions: Access such services and features for business purposes as you need.
  • Free: Ideal for beginners and hobbyists. Unlimited resources for collaboration, access to open-source ML tools, and community support.

  • Pro ($9/month): Support the community and gain early access to new features. Includes a Pro badge, private dataset viewer, and unlocking Inference for paid models.

  • Enterprise Hub (Starting at $20/user/month): Scalable solution for organizations. Offers features like SSO, data location control, audit logs, advanced compute options, and dedicated support.

  • Spaces Hardware (Starting at $0.05/hour): Upgrade your Space's computing power with various hardware options, from CPUs to GPUs and accelerators.

  • Inference Endpoints (Starting at $0.06/hour): Deploy and serve your models on managed infrastructure with autoscaling and security features.

These are starting prices, and actual costs may vary depending on usage and specific needs.

Has Free Trial (Forever free for ML collaboration)

Starts from : $9 per month

The latest revision of this document was made on 27 March, 2024.