Promethean AI

Unleash Your Creative Potential with AI

Promethean AI is a powerful AI suite for creative teams to streamline workflow and maximize productivity. Promethean AI uses artificial intelligence to innovate digital art creation, asset management, and team collaborations. Promethean AI will save the time of your team by taking over the boring and repetitive tasks. This will free you and your team to focus on what matters most.

Technical Highlights:

  • Enhanced Security: Secure your data with a single sign-on (SSO) and an API integration to make things easier.

  • Compatibility: Integrates smoothly with popular 3D editors and code languages such as C++, C#, and Python.

  • Collaboration Tools: You can easily share boards making collaborations swift without compromising data security.

  • Customizable Workflows: Customize the platform to embrace your team’s unique needs and preferences.

  • Automated Deployment: You can easily integrate Promethean AI into your existing systems for a hassle-free experience.
  • Boost Production Speed by 10x: Automate routine tasks and make a place for creative thinking.

  • Effortless Project Sharing: Collaborate easily with your team members, either by a simple folder or by a full cloud system.

  • Seamless Asset Management: Upgrade prototyping, set design, and modelization to get an amazing result for less money used.

  • Cutting-edge AI Technology: Promethean AI takes the best of Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks, and boost productivity, and creativity.

  • API Access: Promethean AI can be easily connected to your current work process with just a few easy-to-use lines of code.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Highlight innovation and storytelling, while Promethean AI takes over automation.

  • Increased Efficiency: Save time and money by automating repetitive processes, thereby optimizing workflows.

  • Flexible Customization: Customize the platform in a way that aligns with the workflow structure of your team.

  • Robust Security: Security is a priority as your data will be safe and secure with enterprise-level features.

  • Easy Integration: Integrate Promethean AI effortlessly into your workflow communication toolkit to boost efficiency.
  • Free: Promethean AI provides a Free version for individuals. You can use Promethean’s AI asset management and some AI features without paying.

  • Indie: $19.99 per month (paid yearly) or $29.99 per month (paid monthly). For small teams. You get features like AI Asset Braintrust, making design requests in your web browser, AI World Building, Shared Palettes, and up to 100,000 assets.

  • Professional: $59.99 per month (paid yearly) or $89.99 per month (paid monthly). For growing teams. You get all the features from Indie, plus unlimited assets, Scripting API, and an AI Feedback agent.

  • Enterprise: Price customized based on your needs. This is for large-scale creativity. You get all the features from Professional, plus full customization and API access, custom AI Feedback agent, custom AI model training, advanced asset sharing, and cloud-based asset storage.

No Free Trial

Starts from : $19.99 per month (paid yearly)

The latest revision of this document was made on 12 April, 2024.